Bachelor of Arts work, course work, degree work and Master of Arts work
Each year five some students write their thesis at Elektrobit Automotive. Our employees supervise the work in the respective areas of business and they are supported by professors. The preparation of an academic work gives students a lot of freedom to prove their skills and creativity. First-class results are a ticket to the first job.

Practical training
An internship should last at least 3 months to ensure sufficient benefit for both parties. At the same time you will be trained in the Elektrobit Automotive areas of business. Frequently, we have demonstrators who showcase the technologies we have developed at trade fairs. As a result you can be involved directly in new developments and new approaches.In our experience.

Company student activities
Students who are motivated and gain valuable work experience during their courses are very welcome in our company. Prove your ability and get to know exciting technologies and a very attractive company culture before you finish your course. Here you will find vacant company positions for work experience.

If you are interested in the precise terms and conditions and the current areas, we shall be happy to give you information. We are available from Monday to Friday. You can contact us by phone at +49 9131 7701-7060.