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Hi, Welcome to Elektrobit!

Would you like to have a job where you can influence one of the biggest industries? Do you have a vision of what the mobility of the future could look like? Then we have just the right thing for you!

Before we dive right into your concrete position of interest

We would like to introduce ourselves.

We are Elektrobit and we develop visionary embedded and connected software for the automotive industry. Day by day we work on leading-edge technologies for automated driving, new vehicle infrastructures, connected cars, and user experience that shape the future of mobility. As part of the world of top automotive brands we have been doing this with great success for more than 35 years. Our customers include Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, GM, Volkswagen Group, Volvo, and many more and you can find our technologies in more than 600 million vehicles. We are a wholly-owned independently-operated subsidiary of Continental AG. What unites all of our over 4000 colleagues all around the world is our passion for automotive software and our unique team spirit. Together we work towards our vision of a world in which mobility causes zero fatalities, produces low emissions, and transforms your commute into quality time. Would you like to help make this vision a reality and move the world with us?

Then we’d love to hear from you! 

What you do

Job Responsibility:
• You have the sales responsibility for one or more customers and are responsible for building and maintaining good, long-lasting customer relationships with your assigned customers 负责一位或多位客户,与指定的客户建立和维护良好持久的客户关系
• You will partner with customers to understand their business needs and objectives (create awareness and influence customer’s key decision makers prior to RFI/RFQ. 了解客户的业务需求和目标(在 RFI/RFQ 之前建立合作意识并影响客户的关键决策者)。
• You are responsible for all sales activities (acquisition, development, customer project supervising, production, invoicing, payment, after sales until the end of contract) for the whole EB portfolio . 负责整个公司产品组合的所有销售活动(采购、开发、客户项目监督、生产、开票、付款、售后直到合同结束)
• You will effectively communicate the company value proposition of our products and engineering services through discussions with your customer, proposals and presentations .通过与客户的讨论、提案和演示有效地传达我们产品和工程服务的公司价值主张
• You will prepare quotes, review them with key stakeholders and participate in complex negotiations and deal closing, based on sound market understanding 准备报价,与主要利益相关者一起审查报价,并根据对市场的深入了解参与复杂的谈判和交易完成
• You will create and execute a strategic account management plan for your customers 您将为您的客户创建和执行战略性客户管理计划
• You will interact and cooperate with your global Sales colleagues to grow the business globally as a team 与全球销售同事互动和合作,作为一个团队在全球范围内发展业务
• You will assure good alignment with your technical counterparts within Company(customer center, pre-sales engineering, product management etc.) 确保与公司内的技术同行(客户中心、售前工程、产品管理等)保持良好的一致性
• You will work closely together with product management at your customer to ensure success for existing and new products 与客户的产品管理人员密切合作,以确保现有产品和新产品的成功
• You will network with your global colleagues to learn from each other and to generate new business for the company 与您的全球同事建立联系,相互学习并为公司创造新业务
• You will contribute to improvements in the sales process 为改进销售流程做出贡献
• You will ensure overall customer satisfaction and ensure solid business for Company for coming years 确保整体客户满意度,并确保公司在未来几年的稳固业

What you bring

1,Bachelor or Master Degree in Software Engineering/Computer Science or related; 本科以上学历,软件,计算机或汽车电子类相关专业;
2, Sales Experience in Automotive software industry is preferred; 有汽车软件行业的销售经验将作为加分项;
3,   Good communications in both Chinese and English; 良好的中英文沟通能力;
4,   Customer oriented and willing to business trips; 客户导向,不介意出差。

Look forward to

You will got:
2, 完善的培训及职业发展通道;

Reach out to us

Contact Recruiter:
Ms.River He

Check out our website for more information on working at Elektrobit.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
At Elektrobit, we celebrate diversity. Your ethnic origin, gender, religion or world view, disability, age, or sexual identity do not matter to us. The only important thing is that you fit in with us and are passionate about automotive software.